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AIE Administrators

AIE ships with a default administrative (root) user named aieadmin with password attivio.   This user is configured in the <project-dir>\conf\configuration.xml configuration file under the administrators element within security.  Other users can be added as principals to this list if desired.  These administrative users are automatically authorized to log in to all AIE webapps as well as view all secured content.  The configuration of these users looks as follows:

 <security ...>
     <principal realm="aie" principal="aieadmin" name="aieadmin" type="USER" password="*********" />


The principal definition can use an encrypted password. For instructions on encrypting passwords, see the encrypt section of the AIE-Exec topic.


Change the aieadmin password

It should go without saying that you will want to change this password (or delete the aieadmin principal entirely) before deploying your project.

You can add and delete additional root users as needed, but it is important to always maintain at least one active root/admin level user.

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