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The Attivio platform comes with web applications and command-line tools to administer, configure and optimize the system. The following guides explain how to administer different parts of the Attivio platform. 

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Getting Started

System Requirements

Installing and Deploying Attivio

Starting and Stopping Attivio

AIE Administrator

Welcome Page - A top level page with links to Attivio administration page as well as other frequently used areas.

Use the Attivio Administrator - Most common administrative tasks are listed on this page.

Administrative Tasks

Scheduling Tasks and Connectors - How to schedule tasks.

Performance Tuning - Tuning performance of ingestion and queries.

Security Guide - Securing Attivio.

Manage Attivio and Business Center Users - Create Administrator, Manager, and User roles for Attivio .

Operations Guides

Restart An Inactive Engine

System Monitoring

Query Load Balancing

Log File Management

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore for Single Node System

Contact Customer Support

Reference Guides

Attivio Executables Reference - Client and server executables.


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