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Release Date: 10 October 2019

This page summarizes the modules, new features, enhancements, and bug fixes included in the Attivio Platform 5.6.3 release, as well as listing any known issues.


Attivio Platform 5.6.3 installs the following module versions when the Full installation type (the default) is selected:

cloudsupport1.0.8Adds support for interacting with Cloud services
connectoradmin1.0.4Used to host the Connector Admin UI application from within Attivio nodes
module-alm1.0.7.aie56Provides English language advanced linguistics capabilities, including language detection and entity extraction
searchanalytics5.6.3Analyze how users are querying your Attivio index.
searchui1.0.8Used to host the Search UI application from within Attivio nodes
upgradeproject5.6.3Upgrades an existing 5.5.1 project to be compatible with 5.6.3 and generates a change report of an existing 5.5.1 project against a default 5.5.1 project
webcrawler1.4.11Configure connectors to crawl web content and process the pages as ingest documents.

These modules are not installed if the Core installation type is selected.

Most of the Attivio documentation assumes that you have selected the Full option, with the core platform and external modules. Some options mentioned in the documentation may be unavailable if you select the Core option and omit the external modules.

New Features

Autocomplete Dictionary Type

Business Center now includes support for autocomplete (query-completion) dictionaries. New Attivio projects now include an AutocompleteDictionaryProvider which returns results from all published autocomplete dictionaries that have a locale matching the provider's locale. See Manage Dictionaries and Configure Spell Checking for more on creating autocomplete dictionaries, and Enable Query Completion for details on the AutocompleteDictionaryProvider.

Automatic Derived Dictionary Refresh

Business Center now supports automatic refresh of the contents of published derived-mode autocomplete and entity dictionaries. These dictionaries can be configured to automatically refresh to reflect index changes; by default, this occurs every 24 hours, but users can set custom refresh periods (down to a minimum of 15 minutes) or can configure a dictionary to never refresh if desired. See Manage Dictionaries and Configure Spell Checking for details on the automatic refresh settings.


Core Platform

  • PLAT-44223: The Generic File System connector now produces DEBUG-level log messages when configured to move a source file after crawling.

  • PLAT-44235: Users can now restrict Generic File System connectors' access to the local filesystem by specifying whitelist path entries in the <PROJECT_DIR>/conf/properties/core-app/ file, along these lines:

    If these whitelist properties are present, File connectors will only be able to access files in the specified directories and their sub-directories; if the properties are not present, File connectors will be able to access the entire local filesystem.

  • PLAT-44263: Added an AIE_Administrator role restriction to the Search UI's tagging feature. Users without this role will not be able to tag search results in the Search UI.
  • PLAT-44263: Added an AIE_Administrator role restriction to the REST Ingest API and REST Content Store API endpoints. Users without this role will not be able to access the endpoints for these APIs directly.
  • PLAT-44344: The Administrator UI header now displays the Attivio Platform release version as well as the major and minor version (e.g., "5.6.3": major version 5, minor version 6, release 3).
  • PLAT-44536: Attivio processes on Linux will now fail and display an error message if the installed JRE does not satisfy the minimum version requirement (JRE 11.0.3).

Search UI (and SUIT)

  • PLAT-44157: The Search UI and SUIT have been upgraded from React 15.6.2 to React 16.8.6 to improve stability, security, and performance.

Bug Fixes

Core Platform

  • PLAT-44389: Resolved a classpath issue which could cause Attivio nodes to fail on startup with java.lang.StackOverflowError exceptions in clustered projects.
  • PLAT-44394: Resolved a classpath issue which could cause index partitions in clustered projects to start in INACTIVE state.

  • PLAT-44618: Resolved a Facet Finder issue which could cause queries to fail with java.lang.IllegalArgumentException errors in projects with partitioned indexes.
  • PLAT-44632: Resolved an issue which caused dictionary CSV import operations to throw errant java.lang.NullPointerException errors in clustered projects.
  • PLAT-44601: Resolved an issue which caused the cleardynamicchanges AIE-CLI command to incorrectly delete the dynamic session from ZooKeeper, causing all further dynamic change attempts to fail.

Machine Learning Relevancy

  • PLAT-44440: Resolved an issue which caused training of a relevancy model with special characters in its name to fail.

Search Analytics

  • PLAT-44482: Resolved an issue where querying for a non-existent profile in Search Analytics would incorrectly store that profile's name in the index.

Web Crawler

  • PLAT-44249: Resolved an issue where running Web Crawler connectors could produce a memory leak in the Attivio Platform Agent process, eventually requiring an Agent restart.

Known Issues

Core Platform

  • PLAT-44000: If you update the Attivio JRE to point to any version other than Java SE 11, Attivio processes may display inconsistent startup failure messages.
    • Solution: Ensure that the Attivio JRE points to a Java SE 11 installation.
  • PLAT-44001: The Excel Connector cannot read files from Excel versions prior to Excel 97/2000/XP/2003.
    • Solution: Use the  excelcnv.exe tool shipped with recent versions of Microsoft Office to convert older Excel files to the modern .xlsx format prior to ingestion.
  • PLAT-44496: The  aie-exec loadgen command may fail with a ZooKeeper ConnectionLossException if run with a large set of documents.
  • PLAT-44667: In clustered projects, Business Center incorrectly allows users to create a new dictionary with the same name and type as an existing dictionary. The new dictionary's settings and terms override those of the existing dictionary.

Web Crawler

  • PLAT-44513: Loss detection continues indefinitely when a Web Crawler connector is terminated.
  • PLAT-44514: Enabling TRACE-level logging for the Web Crawler connector creates very large connector log files (multiple GB) which may exhaust disk space.
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