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Below are a number of Quick Start tutorials, on a wide range of Attivio features and functionality. These tutorials need not be completed in any particular order except the first, the main Attivio Quick Start which is the baseline project which all other tutorials build upon.

These quick exercises demonstrate the breadth of functionality provided by Attivio's Cognitive Search platform. However, they are meant to provide minimal steps required to implement a particular feature. Most only scratch the surface of what is possible but provide a foundation of learning on which to build.

Basics of Attivio

Attivio Quick Start ← Start here

 Download and install Attivio, create your first project, run connectors and explore the content with Search UI.

Ingestion and

Content Enrichment

Ingestion Quick Start

Ingest a CSV file, map document fields to the Attivio schema, create a custom workflow, configure an out-of-the-box workflow component.

Web Crawler Quick Start

Create a web crawler connector and configure it to ingest pages from and view those results in Search UI.

Entity Extraction Quick Start

Review Attivio's out-of-the-box extraction of people, places and things, create a custom entity dictionary and add it to an ingestion workflow, and see your tagged scopes in Search UI.

Advanced Linguistics Quick Start

Enable Attivio to process documents in languages beyond English.

Rules Dictionaries Quick Start

Create rules dictionaries, tag ingested documents that match rules.

Search and

Search Experience

Search Analytics Quick Start

Ingest query activity and review the Search Analytics Dashboard.

Query Completion (Autocomplete) Quick Start

Create an autocomplete dictionary and see it in action with Search UI.

Spell Checking Quick Start

Create and configure a spell-check dictionary and see how it enables searches with misspelled query terms to return documents in Search UI.

Machine Learning Relevancy Quick Start

Create new relevancy models, create signal data using Search UI, use machine learning to train relevancy models, compare relevancy models to measure improvement.


Security and Administration

Content Security Quick Start

Configure a secured index, create principals, access control lists (ACLs) and documents to return only that content each user is entitled to see.

Attivio Hadoop Cluster Quick Start

Configure a 3-node Attivio Hadoop Cluster and deploy it to 3 Linux servers.

Developing with Attivio

Attivio Java SDK Quick Start

Extend Attivio by creating a custom document transformer, installing it and inserting it into an ingestion workflow.

Attivio Connector SDK

Create custom connectors to run within Attivio and ingest your content.

UI Development and Deployment

Search UI Configuration Quick Start

Configure additional fields and facets to be displayed in Search UI, specify the type of visualization for each facet on the Insights page, alter the fields used for linking in the Knowledge Graph.

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