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The Audit Information entry in the AIE Administrator navigation tree leads to the Ingest Audit Viewer (see AIE's ingestion auditing system for details).

AIE collects audit information about ingested documents in the AIE Store. This data is available as an exported CSV file, which can be filtered and sorted in Excel. This AIE Administrator page shows a summary of the CSV data. The Show Details checkbox displays a limited number of documents in a table at the bottom of the screen. The CSV file contains more fields than are shown in this table.

Note that the Store page is helpful in terms of mapping connectors to clientIDs. Each run of each connector will have its own ClientID.

The Store page also lets you purge the accumulated data.

The Min Record and Max Record fields let you extract subsets of the available data.

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Audit Fields

CSV ColumnUI LabelRemarks
SequenceIdCSV OnlyThe sequence ID for the detail record
DateDateThe date the audit record was generated.


The id of the message associated with the audit detail record (non-document messages only)
DocIdThe document id of the document associated with the audit detail record (documents only)
ResultResultProcessing Result Code for the audit detail record.
CorrelationIdCSV OnlyThe unique id for a document update.
NodeNodeThe name of the node where the audit information was generated.
ComponentComponentThe component that generated the audit record.
ErrorCodeErrorCodeThe error code if any; blank otherwise.
ExClassEx ClassThe Exception Class if available, otherwise blank.
ExMsgMsgReturns the unstructured error message associated with a processing error.
MsgTypeCSV OnlyMessage class associated with the audit detail. May be null for the common case of document bearing messages.

The initiating document id if any. For instance, for a document contained in a zip ( contained in a zip (, this ID would be the


CSV Only

The initial document id if any. For instance, for a document contained in a zip ( contained in a zip (, this ID would be the

DocMode CSV Only

The DocumentMode  for the document.

Processing Result Codes

Indicates that a message reached the end of it's workflow.
Created by the component
Successfully processed the message, but did not pass it on to the next stage.


Some "dropped" documents are not really documents. They are AIE commit messages that were dropped by "joiner" components. Look for the "-joiner" suffix in the component name column.

Document failed.
Correction for a document or message incorrectly marked as LOST
Indicates that a message/document has been lost and will not be completed/dropped.
Not handled by this component.
Successfully processed the message.
Indicates a message or document was received from a remote node
Indicates that a message/document has been re-fed
Indicates that a stage had a warning about a document but did not fail the document.