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The Attivio installation program includes command-line options which you can use to perform both console-mode and silent-mode installations of Attivio.

Installer Command-Line Options

If you execute the Attivio Platform installation program from the command line, using the -h option, it presents a table of command-line options.

-varfile [file]Use a response file
-cRun in console mode
-qRun in unattended mode
-dir [directory]In unattended mode, set the installation directory
-overwriteIn unattended mode, overwrite all files
-nofilefailuresIn unattended mode, ignore file installation failures
-splash [title]In unattended mode, show a progress window
-consoleIn unattended mode, open a console that shows the output
(Windows only)
-manualManually select a Java runtime environment in GUI mode
(Windows only)
-Dname=valueSet system properties
-hShow this help

Console-Mode Installation

The Attivio Platform installer's -c flag can be used to install in "console" mode in a terminal session (Linux) or Command Prompt window (Windows). In this mode, you must respond to several prompts for information in a text-only dialog.

Launching the Installer in Console Mode


Launch the Attivio Platform installation script in console mode using its -c flag:



Launch the Attivio Platform installer in console mode using the Windows start command (with the /wait flag) and the installer's -c flag:

start /wait <ATTIVIO_INSTALLER>.exe -c

Console Mode Prompts and Responses

The following is the console dialog displayed for the Windows installer, with the text of the Patent Notice and License Agreement omitted for clarity. The dialog for the Linux installation script is similar, except that it offers /opt/attivio/platform as the default installation directory location instead of C:\attivio\platform, and does not offer the Windows-specific Start Menu and Agent service prompts.

C:\Users\BDC\Desktop>start /wait AIE- -c
This will install Attivio Platform on your computer.
OK [o, Enter], Cancel [c]
Patent Notice

Please read the following License Agreement. […]

I accept the agreement
Yes [1], No [2]
Where is your attivio.license file?
attivio.license file
JRE Selection
Bundled JRE [11.0.3] [1, Enter], User-defined JRE [2]
Installation Type

Full: Core plus add-on modules for providing additional features.
Core: Attivio platform core. Also includes standard connectors for CSV, XML
and raw files.

Which type of installation should be performed?
Full [1, Enter]
Core [2]
Select the folder where you would like Attivio Platform to be installed,

then click Next.
Where should Attivio Platform be installed?

Create a Start Menu folder?
Yes [y, Enter], No [n]
Where should Setup place the program's shortcuts?
[Attivio Platform]

Agent Service Installation
Install Attivio Platform Agent Service?
Yes [y, Enter], No [n]

Data directory

Extracting files ...
Installing alm
Installing searchanalytics
Installing searchui
Installing webcrawler
Installing connectoradmin
Installing cloudsupport
Installing upgradeproject
Installing multiregiontransport-aws
Executing postflight ...
Finishing installation ...

Press Ctrl-C to exit the installation at any time.

Removal of Attivio Platform 5.6.1

If Attivio Platform 5.6.1 is installed on the host where the console-mode installer is run, an extra warning message and prompt will appear after the License Agreement:

Attivio Platform 5.6.1 was found on this system.


This installer will completely remove the existing Attivio Platform 5.6.1 on
this system.

The entire contents of C:\attivio\aie_5.6.1 will be deleted.

Please ensure any non-Attivio data in that location is backed up before
proceeding with this installation.

If you wish to back up any elements of the existing Attivio Platform 5.6.1 installation, please do so before pressing Enter to continue the console-mode installation.

Attivio Platform Agent Service Warning

If you do not have administrator privileges, Attivio will be unable to install the Attivio Platform Agent as a service.

If you don't have privileges to run programs as system services, Attivio will display a warning message indicating that the Attivio Platform Agent service could not be started:

Attivio Platform Agent service could not be started.  The service must be started manually.

In either of these cases, you will need to start the Agent manually before starting the Attivio Command-Line Interface (CLI).

Silent-Mode Installation

During installation, either via the install4j GUI or via the -c command line option, all inputs are recorded in a file named response.varfile in the installation directory's .install4j sub-directory:


The file consists of a short list of variable values:

#Thu Jul 03 15:27:55 PDT 2014
sys.programGroupName=Attivio Active Intelligence Engine

You can use this file to re-run the installation using the exact same inputs.

The -q option causes the installation to occur in "quiet" mode. Combine this option with the -varfile option to re-run an installation using the captured input values. (Without the -varfile option, the -q option causes the installation to complete with default installation input values rather than accepting user input via the console.)

Copy response.varfile to the same directory as the installation executable before running it.

For example, on Linux:

sh <ATTIVIO_INSTALLER>.sh -q -varfile response.varfile

And on Windows:

start /wait <ATTIVIO_INSTALLER>.exe -q -varfile response.varfile

Response.Varfile Codes

These are the parameters in the response.varfile:

sys.adminRights$BooleanRequires administrator rights. Default is "true" on Windows, "false" on Linux.
attivio.license.filePath and name of the Attivio Platform license file (attivio.license).
sys.programGroupDisabled$BooleanDisable the Windows program group.
sys.component.aiecore$BooleanInstall Attivio core. Default is "true".
agentServicePort$LongThe port for the Attivio Platform Agent service on Windows.
sys.languageIdExpert use only. 
agentServiceInstall$BooleanWhether to install the Attivio Platform Agent as a Windows service.
agentServiceDirThe data-agent directory path for the Attivio Platform Agent service on Windows.
sys.installationTypeIdExpert use only.
sys.installationDirThe Attivio Platform installation directory, as in /opt/attivio/platform or C:\attivio\platform.
attivio.viewGuide$BooleanThis parameter controls whether the interactive installer should direct the user to the Attivio Developer Network. It has no impact on a silent command-line install.
sys.programGroupNameName of the optional Start Menu program group on Windows.