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AIE Overview (Self-Study)

The Attivio Platform Overview is a self-study chapter that introduces Attivio, the Attivio Intelligence Engine, and several examples of AIE applications in action.

Quick Start Tutorials

The Quick Start Tutorials provides step-by-step instructions for evaluating a wide variety of Attivio features and functionality on your business laptop.

Content Ingestion - Concepts and Tools (Self-Study)

The Content Ingestion lesson follows incoming documents along the entire ingestion pathway to the AIE Universal Index.

Query and Response - Concepts and ToolsThe Query and Response lesson is a tour of AIE's activities during a query cycle.
Developing in AIE - Concepts and ToolsThe Developing in AIE lesson fills in all the background knowledge about doing Java development, with a special emphasis on the topics of deploying and updating the project source files.

Text Analytics (Self-Study)

The Attivio Text Analytics self-study unit explains the benefits of Attivio's linguistic processing features.


Multi-Node Topologies (Self-Study)

The Multi-Node Topologies self-study lesson describes both the "why" and the "how" of setting up an AIE multi-node topology.