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This guide provides instructions for downloading and installing the Attivio Platform.


License Update Required

When you upgrade a project to a new Attivio Platform major release, you will need to obtain a new license file. Upgrading to a new minor release, such as from 5.5 to 5.6, does not require a new license.

Installation Requirements

Before installing Attivio Platform, review the System Requirements.

Before installing Attivio's Cloud Support Module client in an on-premise environment, review Cloud Support Module - Client System Requirements.

Download and Install

Download the appropriate Attivio installation package and follow the installation instructions for the target installation platform:

Obtain License or Evaluation Key File

Attivio requires a license key file to run. If you need an evaluation license key please contact You will receive the key in your email.

If a license key is not detected during Attivio start up, this error message appears error log of the node:

Licensing error: CONFIGURATION-29 : License file not found in either
C:\<project-dir>\conf or C:\<install-dir>\conf
Please contact for a new license.

The "key" is a file called attivio.license. If you need the change the license after installation simply replace the license file in the <INSTALL_DIR>/conf directory of each Attivio Platform installation with the new license, then shut down and restart the entire Attivio project to allow the new license to take effect.

Installing a Patch Release

Attivio Platform patches are distributed as ZIP archives containing the patch JAR library and all other required files.

To install a new Attivio Platform patch, follow these steps:


  1. Preserve any dynamic project configuration changes by executing the update command in the Attivio Command-Line Interface (CLI) prior to applying the patch. See the AIE-CLI page for more details on the update command.
  2. Stop all Attivio processes running on the host, including the CLI and the Attivio Platform Agent. See the Starting and Stopping Attivio page for more details.
  3. Remove any older patch's JAR library file (aie-patch-5.6.<VERSION>.<BUILD>.jar) from the Attivio Platform installation directory's <INSTALL_DIR>/lib-override sub-directory.
  4. Inspect the contents of the new patch's ZIP archive to be sure you understand what will be overwritten in the Attivio Platform installation directory.
    1. If necessary, make backup copies of any existing files which will be overwritten by the patch.
  5. Unzip the patch's ZIP archive into the Attivio Platform installation directory (<INSTALL_DIR>). Confirm overwriting of existing files if your ZIP archiver prompts you.
  6. Restart the Attivio Platform Agent and the CLI. Issue the deploy force CLI command to push any patch-related installation changes into the active project configuration in ZooKeeper, then use the start CLI command to restart all Attivio services, nodes, and indexes.

Be sure to read and follow the instructions in the INSTALL.TXT file included at the root level of the unzipped patch file.

Installing an Upgrade

See Upgrade Attivio to migrate a project from a previous version of Attivio Platform to a new version.

Next Steps

For advice about setting up installation and project directories, see Install vs. Project Directories.

For basic instructions about how to use Attivio Platform, refer to the Quick Start Tutorial.