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The Attivio Java Server API lets us extend Attivio's server-side behavior to create customized scanners and transformers for the ingest, query, and response workflows. 

JavaServerAPIBoxes .

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Java Server API Overview

The Java Server API contains all the tools required to modify the ingestion, search and response behavior of Attivio with your own custom scanners and transformers. 

The most useful "overview" of the Java Server API may be to review the packages that make up the full library.



Annotations used to configure components and scanners for the UI.


Annotations and Interfaces for components that deal with API's exposed by the platform.


Interfaces necessary to write components for the Attivio system.
Contains Ingestion / Document Transformers as well as Query and Response Transformers.


Interfaces used by components to signal they wish to have certain platform dependencies injected and to standardize on best practices in terms of configuration.


Annotations used to indicate that a component has certain characteristics that should enforce rules about it's configuration or runtime processing.


Interfaces for all ingest related transformers and associated dependencies of those transformers. Contains  BaseDocumentTransformer, DocumentModifyingTransformer, FieldValueCreatingTransformer, FieldValueModifyingTransformer, and others.


Annotations used to indicate that a component wishes to be notified of certain Attivio lifecycle events.


Interfaces for all query and response related transformers and associated dependencies of those transformers.  Contains QueryTransformer and ResponseTransformer.


Interfaces for all transformers that route messages or documents to other workflows in the system.


Contains the ReducingTransformer interface.

Interfaces for data structures and control mechanisms that Attivio provides to work across the entire cluster.
com.attivio.sdk.server. global  interfaces are marked deprecated. Use Apache Curator APIs for global data structures. 


Interfaces class that handle breaking free text / Strings into tokenLists.


Interfaces necessary to write implementations for custom field expressions (UDFs).
See Creating Custom Field Expressions


Interfaces and classes that are used across the ServerSDK.


See the child pages under this node for Java Server API examples.

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