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Attivio Business Center is a web-based user interface for managing the search experience for your application. With this tool, non-technical business owners can:

  • Manually control search results for specific queries by boosting or blocking documents in a result set
  • Promote specific content and informational messages to users based on a search query
  • Manage dictionaries such as synonyms, stop words, entities, spell checking and acronyms to improve the search experience
  • Manage relevancy models and features for controlling how documents are evaluated for search results
  • Manage search profiles to customize the search experience for users and groups
  • Create and manage rules and policies that are evaluated and executed during ingestion workflows in order to tag documents

Required Modules

These above features require the inclusion of the businesscenter, relevancy and triggers modules when you run createproject to create the project directories.

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Getting Started with Attivio Business Center


  1. Go to <servername>:17000/businesscenter
  2. If challenged for a password, use the aieadmin account with password attivio.  (See the Security Guide page for information about the aieadmin account.)
  3. This is the Start page for Attivio Business Center. Depending upon your configuration or permission level, you will see some or all of the following:
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