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The Content Store API allows developers to put binary content (from a file, database BLOB/CLOB object, etc.) into the AIE content store and retrieve that content from the store. Content pointer IDs can be added to documents to allow the stored content to be retrieved and processed by workflows during the ingestion process.

Required Modules

These features require that the rest module be included when you run createproject to create your Attivio project.

REST API Parameters

The master list of QueryRequest REST parameters is located on the HTTP REST APIs page.

View incoming links.

Endpoint URIs

All methods below take a store name (contentStore is the default for most systems) and a content-pointer ID as URL parameters. The posted and retrieved content is the raw binary content of the file or BLOB.

http://yourAieHost:17000/rest/contentStoreApi/get/{storeName}/{id}GET/POST Binary content of the file or BLOB
http://yourAieHost:17000/rest/contentStoreApi/put/{storeName}/{id}POSTBinary content of the file or BLOBHTTP 200
http://yourAieHost:17000/rest/contentStoreApi/contains/{storeName}/{id}GET/POST true if the store contains a file or BLOB with the specified ID.
http://yourAieHost:17000/rest/contentStoreApi/delete/{storeName}/{id}GET/POST HTTP 200

Setting up AIE to handle ContentPointers from the REST Content Store API

To add a content pointer to a document via the REST Content Store API, add a CreateContentPointer component to the target ingest workflow and specify the content pointer ID field, leaving it with the default mapped value of bytes. This will link the content pointer into the IngestDocument so that further workflow stages can fetch the content it references if necessary.

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