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The Perfmon REST API provides read access to data stored in the perfmon server.  The perfmon server stores data for hundreds of metrics sampled across an AIE cluster.  A metric is a type of data being sampled, such as "cpu time".  A metric instance a particular example of a metric, such as "the cpu time for host".  In this case, the host name is a dimension of the cpu time metric.  Data samples are associated with metric instances.  The Perfmon REST API follows the HATEOAS principle.  Each response outside of data responses will provide links for associated data and  APIs.  The starting-off point for the REST API is http:<perfmonhost:port>/rest (e.g., http://localhost:16960/rest ).

REST API Parameters

The master list of QueryRequest REST parameters is on the HTTP REST APIs page.

View incoming links.

Endpoint URIs


"date_range": "http://localhost:16960/rest/metrics/data/dateRange",
"documentation": "",
"data_download": "http://localhost:16960/rest/metrics/data/download",
"all_metrics": "http://localhost:16960/rest/metrics"

http://<host:16960>/rest/metricsGETNoneReturns response containing a link to this documentation and navigable links to other parts of the API.
http://<host:16960>/rest/metrics/namesGETNoneList of metric names
  • name (e.g., name=uptime)
Description for metric name
  • name (e.g., name=uptime)

Description for the named metric instance, including all dimensions
  • metrics or ids list. (e.g., metrics=uptime,nodeCpu or ids=2,3)
  • start date for data sample (optional)
  • end date for data sample (optional)
  • period for data sample (optional)
  • any number of dimensions and their values (e.g. nodeset=node3)

Dates can be specified as a long or using the YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format.   Formatted dates can be truncated after any unit (e.g., YYYY-MM is valid). 

Returned data is binned in buckets of length period milliseconds.  An unspecified or 0 period returns data at the sample rate for the metric.
  • metrics or ids
  • any number of dimensions and their values (e.g. nodeset=node3)

Returns the last data sample for each metric

http://<host:16960>/rest/metrics/data/dateRangeGETNoneReturns an array of longs (length=2), the first and last timestamp across all data stored in perfmon.
http://<host:16960>/rest/metrics/data/downloadGETNoneDownloads a zip file containing the perfmon data directory. This file may then be used as input to the volumetrics and perfmonviewer commands



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