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The Search User Interface Toolkit, or SUIT, is a library for creating search applications. SUIT is the library used to create Search UI, Attivio's out-of-the-box search interface. 

SUIT utilizes a rich technology stack for building Single Page Applications, including HTML5, CSS3, ES6, React and Bootstrap.



The Search UI project imports the SUIT library and builds a search application with the following pages:

  • Landing Page with search box, logo and login/logout
  • Insights Dashboard with facet visualization and filtering
  • Search Results page with faceted navigation, sorting and pagination
  • Document 360 View page with Knowledge Graph and Similar Documents

In addition to the pages listed above, the following features are included:



Search UI

Search UI - Explore Search UI's features and functionality. 

Search UI - Deploying to Tomcat - Learn how to deploy Search UI to an external web server such as Apache Tomcat.

Search UI - Configuring SSO - Learn how to integrate Search UI with popular SAML Identity Providers such as Azure AD.





Developing Search UIs with SUIT - Learn to extend Search UI with custom features or create an entirely new application.

SUIT Documentation

Search UI & SUIT FAQs - Frequently asked questions about Search UI and SUIT.

Tutorial: Adding a new page to Search UI - Step-by-Step, hands-on exercise to customize the Document 360 View page Search UI.

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