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The following exercise builds on the Attivio Quick Start Tutorial to introduce the concept of using Attivio's searchanalytics module. We'll create a connector to ingest the query activity, run it and view the Search Analytics Dashboard which will display the queries we executed as part of completing the Attivio Quick Start.

1. Deploy the Attivio Factbook Project

Open the Attivio Quick Start Tutorial in a new tab in your browser, follow the instructions to deploy the Factbook project, and return to this page when complete.

2. Add searchanalytics Module to Project

In order to access the Search Analytics Dashboard, you'll need to have the searchanalytics module included with your Attivio installation. Attivio 5.5.1 and higher include a version of searchanalytics with the installer. However, new releases are made available periodically and can be downloaded and installed by following the instructions on the Search Analytics Download page. 

3. Create, Run and Schedule a Search Analytics Scanner

    Go to http://localhost:17000/admin/connectors to open the Attivio Admin UI.

    Click the button to create a new connector.

    Search for and select Search Analytics Scanner. Then press OK

    The New Connector dialog will open up. Enter values for the following fields.

    • Name: search-analytics

    Click the Scheduler tab and schedule the connector to run automatically based on your desired refresh rate. The connector should be scheduled to run once every 24hrs if analytics are not needed frequently, and schedule to run hourly if analytics will be reviewed throughout the day. Once complete, Save the connector.

    Run the connector by selecting it and clicking the  button in the top toolbar.

    Click Start in the confirmation dialog window.

    Once the connector finishes, you will see the number of documents it has ingested.

    4. View the Dashboard

    1. Go to http://localhost:17000/searchanalytics/ to open Search Analytics Dashboard. Login with username aieadmin and password attivio.

    2. We are seeing analytics on the minimal amount of querying we did while executing the example simple and advanced queries in Attivio Quick Start. We can see queries which resulted in no results. This happened in this particular example because the queries were executed prior to running the Factbook connectors. The Top Searches panel shows the queries we executed along with how many times they were run and the average response times. All of our queries were executed while logged in as aieadmin, so only that user appears in the Top Users panel. The Top Clicks and Average Click Position panels are empty. These require integration of the relevancy module and will be covered in a different tutorial.

      See Search Analytics Dashboard for more information about the dashboard and more details on the analytics displayed in each panel.

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