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This display shows the summary status of the AIE Store.

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An overview of disk utilization by the store, organized by namespace.

NamespaceRecords in the Store fall into specific namespaces.
RecordsNumber of records under that namespace.
Disk UtilizationAmout of disk space devoted to the Store. -1 bytes means that the store is in memory.



This section contains an overview of all clients that have fed to the system. A basic overview is provided. The Purge button next to each client will delete all audit details records for that client as well as the summary information. The Purge All button will delete the audit details for every client, but will retain the summary of the client.

NameName of the Store client, if any. Connectors are usually Store clients, for instance, but other processes can also use the Store.
Client IDClicking on the Client ID value takes you to the Audit Information page with this client preselected.
StartFirst ingestion of documents from this client.
LastMost recent ingestion of documents from this client.
DocsNumber of docs from this client in the store.
Child DocsNumber of child docs spawned from this client.
CompleteWhether this client has completed its activity.



A summary of providers being used for various APIs that interact with the store. This can be used to confirm if the system is running in Clustered or Unclustered mode.

NameVarious types of records can be persisted in the Store. Each uses a specific API.
APIThese are the Java classes that define the Store APIs. Look them up in the AIE Javadoc.
ImplementationThe backend client being used to provide the given api
Proxy TypeThe proxy client being used to provide the given api
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