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The Update by Query Connector  annotates documents that match a specific query. The query can be posed in either the Simple Query Language or the Advanced Query Language.

For instance, you could use it to insert a value in the Tags field of matching documents. The Tags field is defined in the AIE Schema as a Real-Time field.

This connector inserts or modifies real-time fields in documents that are already present in the index. It does not load or reload external documents. 

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Update Documents by Query

The Update by Query Connector lets you submit a query to AIE as a string, and then updates real-time fields in all of the documents that were returned by the query.

The Update by Query Connector's feedback message says it added zero documents to the index. This is true; it did add zero documents.

It is not possible for a connector to report the number of documents that have been matched (and then updated) by a query.

Update by Query Connector

This procedure lets you update the documents that match a query.

  1. On the Connectors page of the AIE Administrator, click the New link and create an Update by Query Connector.
  2. Give the connector a name.
  3. Enter either a simple or advanced query in the Query field.
  4. Identify the Query Language as "simple" or "advanced".
  5. Fill out the Fields to Update table:
    1. field name: Enter the name of a real-time field (as defined in the AIE Schema), or make up a new field name and append "_r" at the end. (The tags field is the only real-time field in the default AIE Schema.)
    2. field value: The value will be treated as a single string that overrides all existing values.
  6. Save the connector.
  7. Run the connector to update the matching documents.


Do not change the Query Workflow or Ingest Workflow defaults without good reason.

Update by Query Connector Properties

The Update by Query Connector is configured by setting properties on the editor.

Update by Query Connector Editor


Connector Name

The name of the connector as seen in the UI or in XML.

Node Set

The nodeset the connector should run on. Defaults to default-service-nodeset. The Editor can set this value only on new, unsaved connectors.

Document ModeThe real-time update mode.
QueryQuery to use for deleting documents.
Query LanguageSimple or Advanced Query Language.
Query WorkflowQuery workflow for processing query.
Fields to UpdateA list of field-value pairs. The fields must either be defined as real-time fields in the AIE Schema, or they must be new field names with a "_r" suffix appended.  Values will be treated as a single string that will overwrite any previous values.

Document ID Prefix

Append this prefix to the Document ID during processing.

Ingest Workflow

Ingestion workflow to receive the connector's Bulkupdate message.

The table above is for the Update by Query Connector Scanner Tab. The other tabs in the Connector Editor are described on the Connectors page.

Testing the Update by Query Connector

You can test the connector's query simply by posing the same query in SAIL or in the Debug Search page.

When you run the connector, you'll see a "RUNNING" notation on the Connectors page, but the connector will report zero documents ingested. This is normal. Use SAIL or the Debug Search UI to run the same query.  Look for altered fields in the matching documents. In the example below, we used the connector to find all Factbook county records that mentioned "civil war," and to add a tag saying "conflict." 

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