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This document describes the steps involved to upgrade an Attivio 5.5.1 project to 5.6. This should be a quick and easy upgrade compared to those from older versions of Attivio.

Important Notes

Before you begin an upgrade to Attivio 5.6, you should consider the following:

  • The version of the JRE shipped with Attivio has been upgraded from 1.8.0_162 to 11.0.2.


  • We are upgrading with the intention to make the original 5.5.1 configuration work in 5.6 (not adding new features).
  • We are upgrading a single-node 5.5.1 project to a single node 5.6 (also known as unclustered) project.


Upgrade Steps:

Before we start the upgrade process, it is important to backup your current project, its indexes and any dictionaries, triggers or Business Center profiles your current project uses. If you have a custom BasisTech license, which enables languages beyond English, be sure to back that up as well.
2. Installing the new version of AttivioWe'll install Attivio 5.6 and any additional modules we'll need. If you've enabled languages beyond English, be sure to install the alm-languages module as well as the additional language-specific jar files you've added to the 5.5.1 installation's lib directory. These jar files are prefixed with "lm-".
3. Modifying any custom Java Code

There have been very few changes to our Java API. However, you'll need to review any custom Java code you've written to determine if these changes impact you. You'll also need to install any custom modules prior to moving to the next step.

(warning) All modules must be installed into the installation directory as opposed to being put into the project lib or lib-override directories. Make sure to remove any such jars from the project and install their corresponding distribution into the Attivio 5.6 installation <install_dir>/bin/aie-exec module-manager -i <module_distribution>

4. Upgrading your configurationWe'll run a utility provided by Attivio to upgrade your Attivio 5.5.1 project configuration to 5.6.
5. Start your projectStarting your 5.6 project will validate whether all your configuration and Java changes have worked. We'll iterate until we get the project up and running.
6. Upgrading On-Prem Projects (Cloud Customers Only)

Some Managed Services customers run Attivio on-premises in order to push content from within their corporate network to the Attivio Cloud. These instructions outline the steps required to upgrade the on-prem project to 5.6.

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