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The Workflows Page shows runtime statistics for Ingest, Query, and Response workflows and their components..

Measuring Ingestion Rate

For a quick estimate of document ingestion rate, watch the statistics for the indexer workflow. All indexed documents pass through this stage.

Reset Statistics

The Component Statistics page includes a Reset Statistics button that clears all run-time statistics, including those on the Workflows page.

View incoming links.

Working with Workflows

To work with workflows, do the following:

  1. Select System Management -> Workflows in the AIE Administrator. Under Workflows, there are three workflow types to choose from: Ingest, Query, and Response.
  2. Select the the desired workflow type. A table appears showing workflows of the selected type in your AIE system. The tables track the flow of documents in the Ingest workflows, and messages in the Query and Response workflows.

All workflow tables contain the following columns:




Check to select multiple workflows for deletion.


The name of the workflow.


Shows any description associate with the workflow.

Node Set

The nodeset where this workflow runs.


For Ingest workflows, shows the number of IngestDocuments processed by this workflow since this instance of AIE started. For Query and Response workflows, this indicates the number of messages processed.

Total Time

CPU seconds devoted to this workflow since this instance of AIE started. Rounded to whole seconds.


A running average of Docs divided by Total Time.

This table shows the names of synthetic nodesets for the searcher and indexer workflows. These nodesets are AIE-internal and are not significant to the operator.

From here you can:

  • Search for workflows using the Search Workflows field.
  • Click New in the command bar at the top of the page to create a new workflow in the Workflow Editor.
  • Right-click on the workflow name to Edit, Copy, Delete, the workflow, or view Runtime Info for the workflow's components.
  • Delete multiple workflows by selecting the desired checkboxes, and clicking Delete in the command bar at the top of the page.
  • Sort/resort the table by the desired data by clicking the desired column heading.
  • Hide the navigation pane with the show/hide button to see more or less of the events table as desired.

Viewing Runtime Information

Right-click a workflow name and select View Runtime Info from the menu. The Runtime Information dialog box appears showing the workflow's runtime components. 

Note that some AIE features add workflows and components dynamically during startup.  These elements are not visible in the Workflow Editor because they are not part of the the project's static configuration.  Look for them in the Runtime Information dialog box as shown below.


This image demonstrates that the ingestPostProcess workflow (of the Factbook demo) is empty of components by default, but AIE adds components here dynamically at startup.




List of the workflow's runtime components.  Note that dynamic components may appear here that are not visible in the workflow's static configuration.

Stage Type

Ingest, Query, or Response transformer; Splitter; and Stage for workflow elements such as Subflows.


For Ingest workflows, the number of documents processed by this component since this instance of AIE started. For query and response workflows, this indicates the number of messages processed.


Number of documents processed by this component, divided by the time that AIE has been running. (To reset the count, click the Reset Statistics button on the Component Statistics page.)

Docs/cpu sec

Number of documents divided by this component's total CPU time, since this instance of AIE started.

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