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Updating Custom Java Code

We now need to take care of any custom Java code you may have written.

Our immediate goal is to get a 5.6 project running with our 5.5.1 configurations, so we will focus on Java API elements that are going to be deployed directly to the agents. Updating your clients will be a separate effort, but will involve a similar procedure.

The Procedure

We'll start off by pointing our project to the 5.6 jars, and letting the resulting compilation errors guide us from there.

  1. Open your project in Eclipse or whichever IDE you prefer.
  2. Remove any 5.5.0 jars from the project's path, and add the 5.5.1 jars in their place. You can find the SDK jars at <5.5.1 install-dir>/sdk/java/client/lib .
  3. Go to each Java file, and delete all the red import statements, then re-import everything using Eclipse's import helper.
    1. If your Eclipse is configured to auto-import when you hit CTRL + S, this is a bit easier.
    2. This will take care of the refactors noted above.

Known Breaking Changes

See the table below for some known edits you'll need to make to your custom Java code.

5.5.1 code5.6 codeNotes




See the table below for some known edits you may need to make to your custom Java code.

Build issueResolution 


Attivio's SDK can be found at and is the recommended method for developing custom code for your projects. If you developed your custom code using the jars found under <install-dir>/lib or <install-dir>/sdk/java/client/lib, this may be a good opportunity to convert them to use the new SDK. However, not all functionality has been exposed by the public SDK.

If you have questions regarding upgrading your Java code which are not addressed by the migration guide, please contact Attivio and we'll be happy to assist.



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