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The MatchingFields  field expression will return all fields from the search query that contributed to a match for the returned document. This is useful when the query is a large OR query across multiple fields and it is desired to know which fields from the query resulted in the match. NOTE: this is an expensive field expression to compute. It should not be applied unless the result will actually be used.



    • PARAMETERS - comma separated list of parameters to apply to matching fields function

    Supported Parameters:

    • minimumboost - minimum boost required for a query term to be included in matching fields computation.
    MATCHINGFIELDS() AS matching.fields
    QueryRequest request = new QueryRequest("OR(title:a, content:b, author:c)");
    request.addField( new MatchingFields("MatchingFields") );
    // ... (Perform Search)
    // Returned documents will have a "MatchingFields" field that will contain one or more values.
    // each value will be the name of a field that matched ("title", "content", or "author" in this case)
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