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Some Managed Services customers run Attivio on-premises in order to push content from within their corporate network to the Attivio Cloud. The following instructions outline the steps required to upgrade the on-prem project to 5.6.

  1. Save Project Changes
    In the CLI, execute the update command to pull any changes made to the project via the Admin UI down to the project directory.

    5.5.1 CLI command
    <5.5.1 INSTALL_DIR>/aie-exec onprem -f <PROJECT_DIR>/onprem.json
  2. Stop the Project
    In the CLI, execute the stop all command to stop the running Attivio project processes. Quit the CLI when complete.

  3. Stop the Agent
    Stop the 5.5.1 data-agent.

  4. Install Attivio 5.6
    Install 5.6 the same way you did 5.5.1. Note: if running on Windows, you need to run the installer as Administrator.

  5. Start the 5.6 Agent
    Start the 5.6 agent using existing data-agent directory.

  6. Start the On-Prem Project

    1. Open the CLI from the new 5.6 installation: (Point it to the existing project.)

      5.6 CLI command
      <5.6 INSTALL_DIR>/aie-exec onprem -f <PROJECT_DIR>/onprem.json
    2. Execute the start store command and verify it is in the RUNNING state before moving onto the next step.
    3. Execute the deploy force command.
    4. Start the project using the start all command.
    5. Quit the CLI.

 6. Upgrading On-Prem Projects

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