The Attivio platform provides a web-based interface for Attivio system administrators.

Depending on Attivio's security configuration, a secure connection over https instead of http, or a user name and password may be required to use the Attivio Administrator.

The Attivio Administrator requires one of the following web browsers: Firefox version 3+, IE version 7+, Safari version 4+ or Chrome version 2+

Administration Interface Orientation

To access the Attivio Administrator, enter the following URL in a web browser:


Use the following links to explore the Attivio Administrator functionality:

1 System Status
2 Stopping Attivio
3 Select Node (Multi-Node Configurations)

System Status

On the top of the Attivio Administrator, the toolbar shows the current system status, provides buttons to stop the Attivio server and allows for switching the Attivio Administrator to point to a different node when Attivio is configured to run in a multi-node distributed configuration.

The system status display shows the node name and node IP address for the currently selected node. In the case of a single node Attivio installation, the node name will be "local" and the node address will be "" (if the web browser is running directly on the Attivio node).

The Attivio Administrator contacts the Attivio server every 5 seconds when the server is starting up or shutting down to check for status changes. Once the Attivio server is running, or the Attivio Administrator fails to retrieve server state, polling will be reduced in frequency to once per minute.

Status Indicator


Attivio is running on the local node.

Attivio is offline and the Attivio Administrator is disconnected.

Stopping Attivio

Attivio can be stopped using the Attivio Administrator by hovering the mouse over the "power" button icon and selecting on of the options from the list that opens up.

The following table describes the different shutdown options.





Starts a safe shutdown sequence in which outstanding processing is allowed to complete, and the system is shutdown in a safe sequence.

Users must send commit messages to index nodes prior to shutting down to avoid document loss.

Shutdown Immediately

Stops Attivio without waiting for Attivio to reach a safe state.

Use of this option is only recommended for expert users and should only be used as an option of last resort.

Multi-Node Configurations

The Attivio Administrator pages show information for one node at a time in a multi-node Attivio Configuration. To switch between nodes, use the drop-down at the top of the Attivio Administrator to select a node. After switching the current node, all of the admin pages will provide information from the newly selected node. In a single-node Attivio Configuration the drop-down widget will still be visible but will not expand when clicked.