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Release Date: 12 September 2019

This page summarizes the modules, new features, enhancements, and bug fixes included in the Attivio Platform 5.6.2 release, as well as listing any known issues.


Attivio Platform 5.6.2 installs the following module versions when the Full installation type (the default) is selected:

cloudsupport1.0.8Adds support for interacting with Cloud services
connectoradmin1.0.3Used to host the Connector Admin UI application from within Attivio nodes
module-alm1.0.7.aie56Provides English language advanced linguistics capabilities, including language detection and entity extraction
searchanalytics1.1.2Analyze how users are querying your Attivio index.
searchui1.0.7Used to host the Search UI application from within Attivio nodes
upgradeproject1.0.1Upgrades an existing 5.5.1 project to be compatible with 5.6.2 and generates a change report of an existing 5.5.1 project against a default 5.5.1 project
webcrawler1.4.10Configure connectors to crawl web content and process the pages as ingest documents.

These modules are not installed if the Core installation type is selected.

Most of the Attivio documentation assumes that you have selected the Full option, with the core platform and external modules. Some options mentioned in the documentation may be unavailable if you select the Core option and omit the external modules.

New Features

In-Place Upgrades

Attivio Platform now supports in-place upgrades when installing on a host which already has Attivio Platform 5.6.2 or later installed. An in-place upgrade replaces the existing installation while preserving a subset of installation-directory files, such as the alm module license, and migrating any external modules from the existing installation to the new one. Users have the option of backing up the existing installation, and can rollback to that version if the new installation fails for any reason. Once the new installation completes, users can delete the backed-up installation to reclaim disk space.

At time of release, this functionality enables users to reinstall Attivio Platform 5.6.2 without losing their ALM licenses or external modules; as later Attivio Platform 5.6.x versions are released, the same functionality will simplify the process of upgrading installations to the latest available version.

Cloudera CDH 6.2 Support

Attivio Platform 5.6.2 adds support for version 6.2 of Cloudera Distribution Hadoop (CDH 6.2) in clustered projects. See "Cloudera CDH Properties" for details on setting the correct Hadoop-library module to load via the new hadoop.adapter Attivio configuration property.


OpenJDK 11

  • PLAT-44105: The Attivio installer now includes OpenJDK 11.0.3 as the default Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Attivio processes.
  • PLAT-44105: The installed JRE version is now displayed in the Administrator UI's System Information screen (under the "System" heading).

External Hadoop cluster

  • PLAT-43229: Simplified configuration of libraries for different external Hadoop cluster versions. See "Cloudera CDH Properties" for details on setting the correct Hadoop-library module to load via the new hadoop.adapter Attivio configuration property.
  • PLAT-43399: Added support for Cloudera CDH racks to enable YARN anti-affinity. See "Cloudera CDH Properties" for details on setting rack names via the new yarn.aa.placement.racks Attivio configuration property, and Configure the Index for more on the sliderPlacementPolicy index property used to configure YARN anti-affinity.

Business Center

  • PLAT-44183: The Connector Admin UI is now accessible from Business Center via the Manage Connectors button.

Machine Learning Relevancy

  • PLAT-44170: On Linux installations, the trainrelevancy command-line tool has been updated to train, test, and publish Machine Learning Relevancy models more efficiently.

Search Analytics

  • PLAT-43647: The Export > Microsoft Excel command now displays a "wait" cursor and provides notification when the download completes.

Search UI

Web Crawler

  • PLAT-43893: Updated Web Crawler to be compatible with HBase in all supported external Hadoop versions.
  • PLAT-44507: Increased default HBase mini-cluster memory from 1024 MB to 1536 MB to prevent memory exhaustion when running multiple Web Crawler connectors concurrently in an unclustered Attivio project. For unclustered projects with multiple Web Crawler connectors running concurrently, this default value can be increased by setting the value of the webcrawler.hbase.minicluster.memory.mb Attivio property.
  • PLAT-44507: Increased HBase mini-cluster's heap region size from 1 MB to 8 MB to improve Web Crawler connector performance in unclustered Attivio projects. This default value can be modified by setting the value of the webcrawler.hbase.minicluster.g1heapregionsize Attivio property.

Other enhancements

  • PLAT-42688: Added the connectoradmin module to the createproject tool's default group.

  • PLAT-44203: Added the Security Debugger feature (security-ui module) to the createproject tool's demo group.

Bug Fixes

Core Platform

  • PLAT-43452: Resolved a Connector Admin issue which caused display of empty scanner.base.runtime field values during connector runs.
  • PLAT-43478: Resolved an issue which prevented display of pop-up information on the Administrator UI's System Status screen.
  • PLAT-43582: Suppressed needless "reflective access" JVM warning messages in Attivio tools.
  • PLAT-43687, PLAT-43702: Resolved an issue which could cause exportsnapshot and restoresnapshot commands to fail.
  • PLAT-44003: Resolved an issue where resetting an incremental connector with a large number of fed documents could cause an out-of-memory exception in the unclustered (HSQL) Attivio store.
  • PLAT-44023: Resolved an issue which could cause validation of a file connector's configuration to fail if the Move To Directory property value was cleared.
  • PLAT-44073: Resolved an issue which prevented timestamps from appearing in Attivio node garbage-collection (GC) log files.
  • PLAT-44082: Resolved an issue which caused excessive garbage-collection (GC) logging for the Attivio store.
  • PLAT-44090: Resolved an issue which caused all Attivio process names to be reported as java rather than aie-agentaie-cli, and so on.
  • PLAT-44174: Resolved an issue where exportsnapshot and localexportsnapshot commands failed to export empty directories, causing subsequent imports of snapshots to fail.
  • PLAT-44202: Resolved a Connector SDK issue which could cause bogus "Queued task to fetch document" messages to be logged.
  • PLAT-44263: Resolved an issue where users could gain access to the rest web application (JSON REST API endpoints) without the proper authentication roles.
  • PLAT-44296: Resolved an issue where the index was committed whenever a REST Ingest API client accessed the API's disconnect endpoint. This behavior is now configurable using the commitOnDisconnect property in the JSON SessionConfig object.
  • PLAT-44363: Resolved an issue which could cause the CLI cleardynamicchanges command to fail with an IllegalArgumentException.
  • PLAT-44433: Resolved an issue where an incorrect principal in the Kerberos cache could cause indexes imported via importsnapshot or localimportsnapshot commands to fail on startup.
  • PLAT-44438: Resolved an issue which caused Attivio Platform 5.6 to ignore connectors' incremental-ingestion state (and thus perform a full run) in upgraded Attivio Platform 5.5 projects.

Connector Admin

  • PLAT-42667: Resolved an issue which allowed users lacking the Connector_Admin role to perform administrator tasks (e.g., create, remove, modify, start, stop, pause, resume, or reset connectors).
  • PLAT-43974: Resolved an issue where the Connector Admin editor wizard incorrectly allowed users to enable the Delete After Crawl and Move to Directory properties (which are mutually incompatible) for a file connector.
  • PLAT-43949, PLAT-43950, PLAT-43951: Resolved an issue where changes made by one user (connector creations, deletions, and modifications) were not visible to other users until the UI page was refreshed.

Search Analytics

  • PLAT-43644: Resolved an issue where the Top Searches card could submit excessive numbers of requests when its date range's upper bound was modified.
  • PLAT-43778: Date values in Search Analytics CSV exports are now in ISO format (e.g., 2019-05-05T19:48:13 ) and in the UTC time zone.
  • PLAT-43921, PLAT-44077: Resolved two issues which could cause related documents not to be populated in the Search Analytics dashboard.

Search UI

  • PLAT-41206: Resolved an issue where promotions with HTML markup were not correctly rendered.
  • PLAT-41437: Resolved an issue where double-clicking on the main document in a knowledge graph produced an exception.
  • PLAT-41442: Resolved an issue in which facet filter selections were not preserved if a user pressed Enter instead of clicking the Go button.
  • PLAT-43266: Updated the RestProxy class to exclude Cookie HTTP headers when making requests to back-end Attivio servers.

Web Crawler

  • PLAT-43645: Resolved an issue which prevented Web Crawler from reading logging settings from a <PROJECT_DIR>/resources/log4j-webcrawler.xml file.
  • PLAT-43995: Resolved an issue where the Web Crawler connector's field mappings could be garbled by editing through the Connector Admin UI.
  • PLAT-44253: Web Crawler connectors could consume excessive memory while waiting for ingestion to complete. To prevent this, a Web Crawler connector will now terminate if its run time exceeds the period specified in its Process Timeout property value, if it has not audited any ingestion action for more than 2 hours, or if its audit remains imbalanced for more than 1 hour.

Known Issues

Core Platform

  • PLAT-44000: If you update the Attivio JRE to point to any version other than Java SE 11, Attivio processes may display inconsistent startup failure messages.
    • Solution: Ensure that the Attivio JRE points to a Java SE 11 installation.
  • PLAT-44001: The Excel Connector cannot read files from Excel versions prior to Excel 97/2000/XP/2003.
    • Solution: Use the  excelcnv.exe tool shipped with recent versions of Microsoft Office to convert older Excel files to the modern .xlsx format prior to ingestion.
  • PLAT-44496: The  aie-exec loadgen command may fail with a ZooKeeper ConnectionLossException if run with a large set of documents.
  • PLAT-44536: Attivio Platform 5.6.2 requires a Java 11.0.3 (or later 11.0.x) JRE to avoid Java bug JDK-8214129, but will start without warnings if a Java 11.0.2 JRE is specified via manual configuration.
    • Solution: If configuring a custom JRE, be sure to install and use a Java 11.0.3 (or later 11.0.x) JRE.
    • This issue is corrected in Attivio Platform 5.6.3 and later releases.

Web Crawler

  • PLAT-44513: Loss detection continues indefinitely when a Web Crawler connector is terminated (see PLAT-44253 entry above).
  • PLAT-44514: Enabling TRACE-level logging for the Web Crawler connector creates very large connector log files (multiple GB) which may exhaust disk space.
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