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A project is a collection of configuration files in an Attivio Intelligence Engine (AIE) application.  Projects include the feature, schema, component definition, and workflow definition files that define how to ingest content, process queries, and handle results within an AIE application. Multiple projects can be created within the same AIE installation, and those projects can be managed and developed independently. 

AIE delivers all project data, such as indexes, auto-generated dictionaries, and log files, to the project directory. This keeps data separate for each application.

The following sections explain how to create projects and build custom applications based on the default configuration files delivered with AIE.

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Creating Projects

For automated/best practice project creation use the createproject tool.

Create a separate project for each unique AIE-powered application. This ensures trouble-free upgrades and instant access to new features that are included in the default configuration files. This also makes it easier to export an environment to Attivio Customer Support, should the need arise for troubleshooting.

Create AIE project directories anywhere on the local system. During AIE invocation, these project directories take precedence over the default AIE installation directory.

Running Projects


Start AIE using the AIE Agent and its Command-Line Interface (CLI):

  1. Run the Agent in a Command Window:

    <install-dir>\bin\aie-agent.exe -d <data-agent-dir> 
  2. Run the Command-Line Interface in a second Command Window. Note that the CLI is invoked for a specific project.

    <install-dir>\bin\aie-cli -p <project-dir>
  3. To run the project use the start all command in the Command-Line Interface:


Modifying Connectors, Workflows and Components

A project created with the createproject tool uses components defined in the default AIE configuration files (which are in the <install_dir>\conf directory). Any default connectors, components and workflows that need to be modified for the project should be directly edited in the Use the Attivio Administrator (the Admin UI).  Changes made through the Admin UI will be project-specific and persistent in the face of AIE upgrades.

Connectors and Workflows are clearly labeled in the Admin UI. You'll find the components on the Palette page.


Changes made in the Admin UI are stored in the project's configuration servers.  

Configuring a Project on Multiple Nodes

There are various reasons to set up a multi-node topology in AIE. If you are making dynamic edits in connectors, workflows and components you will need to export those changes to the Configuration Server, and then use the Configuration Server to publish the changes to all nodes of the topology.

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