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Assigning Roles to Users and Groups


Assigning roles to users and groups requires Attivio or ABC Administrator privileges.

To assign roles, do the following:

  1. In the Attivio Administrator interface:
    • As an Attivio Admin, select AIE Role Assignments from the Tools menu.
    • As an ABC Admin, select Business Center > Business Center > Manage Roles
      The Role Assignments screen appears.


      While the AIE and ABC screens differ slightly (the ABC version has an additional Show Profiles option), the functionality for assigning roles as an AIE Admin or an ABC Admin is identical.

    • To find a specific user or group, enter the name in the Find a User or Group field.
    • To view all users, enter an asterisk in the Find a User or Group field.

      Display limit is 200 users!


      To avoid excessive loading times, the "Find a User or Group" screen displays a maximum of 200 users/groups . If your project has more than 200 users/groups, use the search field to locate a user or group.

  2. Click the desired user or group to select it. The item appears highlighted and if the item is a child of any parent group, that information appears in the right pane.
  3. Click Assign to Role. The Assign User to Roles screen appears showing the selected user.
  4. Select the desired role(s) for this user or group. Privileges are as follows:

    ABC Admin
    ABC Manager
    ABC User
    Administer Roles
    List ProfilesAll AssignedAll Assigned
    Import Profile
    New Profile
    Publish Profile
    Delete Profile
    Copy Profile
    Export Profile
    Edit ProfileRead OnlyRead Only
    Create CQ
    Create Promotion
    Create Blocks
    Create Campaigns
    Dictionary Admin (all functionality)

    Click the question mark help icon in the top right corner of the screen to view these privileges on the screen.

  5. Click Save. The user or group is assigned to the selected role, and now appears in the list of users and groups associated with that role in the left pane.

Editing Role Assignments

To change a role or remove a user/group from a role, do the following:

  1. Click on the desired user/group in the Role Assignments list to select it.
    • Click Remove From Role to remove that user/group from the existing Role. The user/group is removed from the role.
    • Click Change Role to reassign the user/group to a different role. The Assign User/Group to Role screen appears.
  2. Select the desired role(s) for this user/group and click Save when finished.
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