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The Node Info item in the AIE Administrator navigation tree leads to the Node Information display. This shows a summary of the roles fulfilled by each node.

View incoming links.

Monitoring Multiple Nodes in AIE

To view monitor multiple nodes, select Diagnostics -> Node Info in the AIE Administrator. The Node Information page appears.


From here, you can: 

  • Click a node link in the first column to select its Admin UI and make it the current node.
  • Sort/resort the table by the desired data by clicking the desired column heading.

Node Attribute



The logical names for each AIE node in the topology. Green nodes are active. Red nodes are inactive. Click any node to select its Admin UI and make it the current node.


Identifies the nodesets associated with the node.


The physical host and port number for each AIE node.


The list of connectors configured on each node.


Workflows that are active on this node.


View any dependencies associated with the node.

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