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The Palette is a toolbox of components for building workflows. The Palette components are dynamically editable, and become functional as soon as they are saved. These changes are stored in the project's configuration servers.

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Working with the Palette

To work with the Palette, select System Management -> Palette in the AIE Administrator. A table appears showing a list of components, their categories, types, and where they are referenced in AIE.

From here you can:

  • Search for components using the Search Components field.
  • Click on a component name to open that component for editing. Editable feature vary depending on component type and the properties of the underlying Java class. See the javadoc page for the class to pursue more information about these settings.
  • Click New in the command bar at the top of the page to create a new component.
  • Right-click on the component name to Edit, Copy, Delete, the component.
  • Delete multiple components by selecting the desired checkboxes, and clicking Delete in the command bar at the top of the page.
  • Sort/resort the table by the desired data by clicking the desired column heading.
  • Hide the navigation pane with the show/hide button to see more or less of the events table as desired.


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