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The perfmonviewer.exe utility provides a means of examining Performance Monitor data offline.  It runs a limited version of the AIE Administrator where you can access the System Status, Performance Monitor, and System Events pages while AIE is offline.

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Running Perfmonviewer

To run the perfmonviewer:

  1. Open a command or shell window and navigate to <install-dir>\bin.
  2. Enter the following command:

    perfmonviewer.exe -d PathToProjectPerfmonDataDir -p PORT

    For instance:

    perfmonviewer.exe -d C:\attivio\aie_4.3.0\bin\data-agent\projects\md2\default\data\data-perfmon -p 8090
  3. This will start a web server on the port you requested.
  4. Enter the appropriate URI in your web server to view the perfmonviewer page. 
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