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The Auto Complete API allows developers to access the various auto complete providers from Javascript front ends.  Make sure to read the document on Enable Query Completion to learn more about how to configure and expand the autocomplete module.  The simple and simpleJsonp methods described below are designed to work with the jQuery autocomplete emodule out of the box.

Required Modules

These features require that the rest module be included when you run createproject to create the project directories.

REST API Parameters

The master list of QueryRequest REST parameters is on the HTTP REST APIs page.

View incoming links.

Endpoint URIs

All methods below take a provider name as a URL argument. 

http://yourAieHost:17000/rest/autocompleteApi/getProviderNamesGET JSON string array of available provider names
http://yourAieHost:17000/rest/autocompleteApi/simple/{providerName}GETCGI argument 'term=XYZ' where XYZ represents the term to provide suggestions for. This is the default mechanism that jQuery uses to source autocomplete suggestions.JSON string array of suggestions
http://yourAieHost:17000/rest/autocompleteApi/richCgi/{providerName}GETStandard AIE REST / CGI argumentsJSON string array of suggestions.
http://yourAieHost:17000/rest/autocompleteApi/richPost/{providerName}POSTSimple Query Request model from REST Query APIJSON string array of suggestions.
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