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The Security Debugging page lets you view the documents that particular individuals or groups can see. 

Required Modules

These features require the inclusion of the security module when you run createproject to create the project directories.

Administrators See All, Know All

Remember that AIE administrators (operators of the AIE Administrator) can see all documents in the system, regardless of access-control precautions.

View incoming links.


Viewing Security Settings

To view the security settings, select Tools -> Security Debugging in the AIE Administrator. The Security Debugging screen appears.

Security Debugging Procedure

Follow this procedure to test the access control over documents.

  1. Enter the name of a user or group to filter the list of security principals.
  2. Select a user or group.
  3. Enter a keyword search (either simple or advanced search languages) to pull up a list of matching documents that the selected user is allowed to view.
  4. Select a document.

Note that detailed displays of the user and of the document are available at the bottom of the screen.

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