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Attivio Platform 5.6 only supports use of Java SE 11.x JREs. Use of earlier or later Java versions may cause process startup failures or other errors.

Attivio Platform 5.6.2 and later releases require a Java 11.0.3 or later JRE in order to avoid Java bug JDK-8214129.


Once Attivio has been installed, you can change the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that is used to run Attivio processes. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the file inside the <install-dir>/conf folder.
  2. Inside this file, there will be an property pointing to the home directory of the JRE currently in use. 
  3. Update this value to the location of the new JRE's home directory, e.g., /usr/java/jdk-11.0.3

Note that this value should be a "Java home" directory (i.e., a folder which contains a /bin directory with a /jre sub-directory containing the java executable). In the above example, the full path to the java executable would be /usr/java/jdk-11.0.3/bin/jre/java. The entry in the the file, however, would only include the home directory:
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