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Ingesting Principals from an XML File

To ingest XML files with custom users, groups and aliases for Content Security or Role-Based Security, first generate an XML file called users.xml with the format specified in the XML Authentication Provider page. 

These principals can be ingested from the XML file in one of two ways, depending on which AIE features you are using:

  1. Place users.xml, the file of users and groups, in the projects /resources/ subdirectory.
  2. Create an XML Connector in the Admin UI.  For this connector, specify the following parameters:
    1. Document Root:/principals/*
    2. ID Path:@id
    3. Start Directory: <enter the directory where the XML file exists> (example:./resources/users.xml)
    4. Ingest Workflow: ingestXmlPrincipals
  3. Once the connector has been saved and the users.xml file is in place, AIE-CLI to first update the project and then deploy it.
    1. From AIE-CLI, use the update command, followed by the deploy force command.
  4. Run the new connector from the AIE Administrator.

The meaning of update and deploy are demonstrated in Developing in AIE - Concepts and Tools.

Content Security

Use the AIE Role Assignments UI to view ingested and committed Content Security principals and debug potential security issues.

Role-Based Security

Use the Role-Based Security UI to view ingested and committed Role-Based principals and assign roles. For Business Center, the Manage Attivio and Business Center Users UI should be used instead.


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