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When using an external cluster and using the default high availability compatible sliderPlacementPolicy index property value, you must set the following property must be set:in the <PROJECT_DIR>/conf/properties/ file:



A comma-separated list (e.g., /bostondc,/seattledc,/tokyodc) of the rack names configured for


your external Hadoop cluster nodes on which index writers and searchers are allowed to run. Each rack name must include the leading slash.

You can find the names of your Hadoop cluster's racks in the Cloudera Manager UI; from the main page, select the Hosts > All Hosts menu entry, then expand the Rack entry in the left-hand Filters menu to see a list of rack names and the number of Hadoop nodes in each rack. Cloudera CDH creates a single rack named /default if no custom rack names are configured.

This is due to a limitation with external clusters whereby the rack names are not accessible to all processes (in particular, with CDH, they appear to not be known to node manager NodeManager processes, but are known to resource manager ResourceManager processes). For high availability compatible placement, the resource requests must include the allowed rack names.