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Attivio recommends synchronizing clocks for all nodes in the topology using a tool such as NTP ( ). This will help with reconciling logs across nodes when troubleshooting. Synchronizing clocks is required for the Hadoop master and slave nodes when configuring a multi-node topology .

Required Libraries and Tools


Ensure that the libstdc++ related libraries are installed and up to date. One way to check which libraries you may need to update would be to run the following command on RHEL/CentOS Linux:


If you are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS 7.1, you may also need to install the 32-bit version of the zlib library, as it is not included in these distributions by default.

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sudo yum install zlib.i686


You must have glibc version 2.3 or later installed.

Attivio takes advantage of features introduced in glibc 2.13 when monitoring resource limits for Advanced Text Extraction processes. For best results, please install glibc 2.13 or later if offered for your Linux distribution and version.


Ensure that Python version 2.6.6 or higher is available.


The minimum version required is 2.3.

Run the Linux Checker Script

The Attivio Platform installation's <INSTALL_DIR>/bin directory includes a Bash script. Run this script from the <INSTALL_DIR>/bin directory and review its output to ensure that your current system configuration meets Attivio's requirements and recommendations.