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cloudsupport1.0.8Adds support for interacting with Cloud services
connectoradmin1.0.3Used to host the Connector Admin UI application from within Attivio nodes
module-alm1.0.7.aie56Provides English language advanced linguistics capabilities, including language detection and entity extraction
searchanalytics1.1.2Analyze how users are querying your Attivio index.
searchui1.0.7Used to host the Search UI application from within Attivio nodes
upgradeproject1.0.1Upgrades an existing 5.5.1 project to be compatible with 5.6.1 2 and generates a change report of an existing 5.5.1 project against a default 5.5.1 project
webcrawler1.4.10Configure connectors to crawl web content and process the pages as ingest documents.