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With Attivio 5.6, we have provided an upgrade tool to assist with the upgrade process. This tool is provided in the form of an external module which is included with 5.6 but must be downloaded and installed in your existing 5.5.1 installation.


  1. Using the Attivio Platform 5.5.1 CLI's update command, be sure all dynamic changes have been downloaded to your Attivio project's conf directory fileset before you move to the next step.
  2. Execute this command to add the upgradeproject module included with your Attivio Platform 5.6 installation into your Attivio Platform 5.5.1 installation:

    <5.5.1 INSTALL_DIR>/bin/aie-exec modulemanager -i <5.6 INSTALL_DIR>/installed-modules-archive/

    If the <5.6 INSTALL_DIR>/installed-modules-archive/ archive is not present, you may have selected the Core installation type for 5.6, which does not include the upgradeproject module, or may have manually removed that module from the 5.6 installation. Re-install Attivio Platform 5.6 and be sure to select the Full installation type, then return to this step.

  3. Once the upgradeproject module is installed into Attivio Platform 5.5.1, execute the aie-exec upgradeproject tool in the Attivio Platform 5.5.1 installation and project first, using the following command. This will generate a report of the changes you've made in your project so that they can be preserved during the upgrade.

    <5.5.1 INSTALL_DIR>/bin/aie-exec upgradeproject -g -p <5.5.1 PROJECT_DIR> -o ./

    This will output a report file named upgradeproject-changereport.txt.

  4. Next, execute the same tool using Attivio Platform 5.6, passing in the location of the upgradeproject-changereport.txt file which was produced in the previous step and specifying a new directory location for your upgraded project using the -o flag:

    <5.6 INSTALL_DIR>/bin/aie-exec upgradeproject -c <path to upgradeproject-changereport.txt file> -p <5.5.1 PROJECT_DIR> -o <5.6 PROJECT_DIR>

    The name of your new Attivio Platform 5.6 project must match that of your original Attivio Platform 5.5.1 project.

    The aie-exec upgradeproject tool will create the upgraded Attivio Platform 5.6 project in the location you specify via the -o flag. This new location is what you'll use when opening the Attivio Platform 5.6 CLI to deploy and start your project.

  5. Finally, if your 5.5.1 project includes an older version of the Search Analytics module (any version prior to version 1.1.0), you will need to execute the aie-exec searchanalyticsupgrade tool against your upgraded project to modify its configuration so that it will work properly with the newer module version included with the Attivio Platform 5.6 installation. To do so, execute this command:

    <5.6 INSTALL_DIR>/bin/aie-exec searchanalyticsupgrade -p <5.6 PROJECT_DIR>

    You should see output resembling the following:

    2019-05-14 10:45:35,613 INFO  - Task: Copy search analytics workflow to project.
    2019-05-14 10:45:35,613 INFO  -   decision: Upgrade
    2019-05-14 10:45:35,613 INFO  -   result: SUCCESS - Copied search analytics query workflow to "/opt/attivio/projects/myproject/conf/workflow/query/searchAnalyticsWorkflow.xml."


Attivio 5.6 is more strict when it comes to DNS, specifically reverse DNS lookups. See the DNS Settings section of System Requirements to ensure the server is properly configured to communicate with itself and other nodes in the cluster.

Connector Admin

To add the new Connector Admin to your upgraded project, run the createproject tool to add the module incrementally:

<5.6 INSTALL_DIR>/bin/createproject -n <PROJECT_NAME> -m connectoradmin -i -o <PROJECT_DIR PARENT>


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